History of Silvana

British Designer Silvana Seseri has worked in the design and manufacturing industry for over 10 years. From the age of 16 she carved her career working with a small team in a production, whilst studying. Recognising her keen eye for detail and production to the highest standard, Silvana was soon promoted to a managerial position, supervising a group of 30 workers at the age of 18.

Silvana entered "Young Designer of the year 2006" competition and was chosen to present her garment at the Clothes Show Live Exhibition, Birmingham in 2007. She was selected amongst the final ten from a large number of entrants. The whole experience gave her the confidence and determination to pursue her dreams. She graduated with an Honours Degree in fashion at the University of Hertfordshire.

Today, Silvana’s interest is in evening wear and haute couture with all the glitz of red carpet glamour. Her inspiration is from many aspects of life and influences including surrealism, such Salvador Dali, art and architecture. As a result, Silvana seeks to create her own fashion trends rather than follow the system through a new combination of stylistic elements that conveys its own vision of the future.

Her aim is to compliment the needs of elegance and beauty that women, and also  men never lose even when faced with the challenges of life.