Professional Sewing classes by Silvana

Discover the empowering world of sewing through our series of practical courses. Whether you're a beginner or have some sewing experience, these courses are designed to boost your confidence when working with professional sewing machines and help you develop a diverse range of sewing skills.

    Course Highlights:

    • Practical Skill Development: Acquire hands-on skills to master professional sewing machines and various sewing techniques.
    • Weekly Portfolio Creation: Each week, create a portfolio of skill samples to showcase your progress and the techniques you've mastered.
    • Skill Expansion: Expand your sewing skill set, explore new creative avenues, and experiment with innovative sewing techniques.
    • Sewing Independence: Gain the independence and knowledge needed to create your own unique clothing pieces.

    What will I learn?

    Learner hours: 25

    This course consists of 12 lessons which will equip you with the knowledge and sewing skills needed to design, create and make your own clothes.

    This specific course is designed to help you create garments for the lower body-Level 1, in particular a skirt, and using the techniques learnt over the course and also Upper body-Level 2 in particular a Shirt where you will be able to use all the skilled learned in these sessions.

    You will be guided throughout the course, and be able to work with both industrial and/or domestic sewing machines based on your preference.


    • Professional Sewing Techniques (Lower body)Level1

    Week by week, we will take you through topics such as:

    • Induction to using industrial machines
    • Seam types
    • Hem and Edge finishing
    • Zips
    • Fly fastenings
    • Pockets
    • Waistband and waist facings
    • Sewing darts

    Toward the end of the course you will make a skirt which will demonstrate the new skills you have learned.

     Professional Sewing Techniques: Upper Body, Level 2

    This course will build on the basic machine sewing skills learnt in part one. Each week, you will add to a file of samples to create a portfolio of visual work which will showcase your skills.

    Week by week, we will take you professionally through topics such as:

    • Introduction to using industrial machines.
    • Collar and facing applications.
    • Various cuff finishes.
    • Various placket finishes.
    • Set-in sleeve insertion.
    • Trimming works and pressing.
    • Top stitching.

    Both parts of this course are suitable for those who aspire to make clothes and want to gain a complete understanding of sewing techniques. We recommended attending both courses. However, you can attend the courses in either order

    This course runs on a Tuesdays & Wednesday levening from 18.30 to 21.00 on the following months:

    • Professional Sewing Techniques (Lower body)Level1
    • Wednesdays: 24 January -1May  2024 (excluding 14th February,3 &10 April)
    • Tuesdays : 23 January- 30 April 2024
    • Professional Sewing Techniques (Upper body)Level2
    • Wednesday : 8 May - 24 July 2024,
    • Tuesday : 7May- 23 July 2024
    • Stars Date End Date Day Time Cost Link
      24/01/2024 01/05/2024* Wednesday 18.30 - 21.00 £500.00  SHOP L1
      08/05/2024 23/07/2024 Wednesday 18:30 - 21.00 £500:00  SHOP L2

      *Excluding 14 February, 3 & 10April 2024 for Easter break


      Stars Date End Date Day Time Cost Link
      23/01/2024 30/04/2024* Tuesday 18.30 - 21.00 £500.00 SHOP L1
      07/05/2024 23/07/2024 Tuesday 18:30 - 21.00 £500:00

      SHOP L2

      *Excluding 02 & 09April 2024 for Easter break